Production-Ready Serverless (May 2024, single payment)

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Join 20+ AWS Heroes & Community Builders and 1000+ happy students in levelling up your serverless game & becoming the serverless expert in your company.

When: May 27th - Jun 24th, 2024

Where: Online


The class takes place over 4 weeks, with an average time commitment of 5 to 10 hours per week. Each week will follow this schedule:

Mondays: Lectures and learning exercises are released and accessible through the Thinkific platform; you'll need to be logged in to access this.

All week: Go through the exercises at your own pace and get help from me and your classmates on Slack.

Mondays, 11am and 10pm (Central European Time): Live recap and Q&A sessions (~1 hour) with me to recap the week and answer all your burning questions.

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the videos and hands-on exercises from the workshop.

Parallel tracks: The workshop exercises are available for both CDK and Serverless Framework. By signing up, you will have access to both tracks. Depending on your availability, you can choose to do the exercise in either or both.

Why take this workshop?

There are a lot of tutorials out there to teach you the basics but they barely scratch the surface of what you will need to build and run a serverless application in production.

It's difficult to learn everything you need to know on your own by just consuming online contents like blogs and videos. Which are disconnected and often contradict each other because content creators have differing philosophies and backgrounds. And they often don't explain WHY their approach works in their specific context, and if the approach would even work for you.

That's why I created this workshop, so I can teach you everything you need to know in a structured format and take you from the basics all the way through to more advanced concepts and practices that seasoned serverless users would learn from.

AND you can ask and get help from one of the most respected and experienced developers in the serverless space. If you're wondering how some of the concepts can be applied in your environment, I'm just a Slack message away.

Who is this workshop for?

I have run this workshop and taught over 1000 students, and it has proven useful to students from a variety of backgrounds, such as:

  • Backend engineers whose main focus is building business logic and managing APIs and data processing pipelines (which can include monitoring and being on-call).
  • DevOps engineers whose main focus is in managing the company's AWS environment and shared infrastructures such as CI/CD, VPCs, IAM users/roles and sometimes general AWS security.
  • Security engineers whose main focus is in the overall security of the company's application, which spans across application security, AWS security, CI/CD pipelines as well as incident management.
  • Fullstack engineers who have to dabble with both frontend and backend technologies and whom increasingly need to be fluent with AWS and its serverless offerings.
  • Tech Lead and Architects who want to get a deeper understanding of serverless technologies so they can better help their teams make the best architectural decisions and solve architectural challenges they face.

In other words, there's something for everyone here. However, to make the most of the course, you should have basic familiarity with AWS - e.g. you should understand what is IAM and how to make API requests to AWS using the AWS SDK or AWS CLI.

Week 1, building serverless APIs

  • Introductions
  • AWS Lambda 101
  • Building APIs with API Gateway and Lambda
  • Securing APIs with IAM authorization
  • Cognito 101
  • Securing APIs with Cognito User Pools
  • API Gateway best practices

Week 2, testing and CI/CD

  • Writing integration tests for Lambda
  • Writing acceptance tests for Lambda
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines
  • CI/CD security best practice
  • Configuration management with SSM Parameter Store
  • How best to secure credentials & API keys
  • How to use ephemeral environments to improve your development flow

Week 3, event-driven architectures

  • Project organization
  • Processing events in realtime with EventBridge and Lambda
  • How to test event-driven architectures
  • How to choose the right application integration service
  • SNS vs SQS vs Kinesis vs EventBridge
  • Orchestration vs choreography
  • Error handling for real-time event processing systems

Week 4, observability

  • Setting up log aggregation for Lambda functions
  • Structured logging
  • Sample debug logs in production
  • Distributed tracing with X-Ray
  • Alerts you should have
  • Right-sizing function memories
  • Costly mistakes to avoid

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This product is not currently for sale.

Full refund within first 2 weeks of the workshop

If this workshop doesn't meet your expectations, you're entitled to a FULL REFUND. Simply reach out within the first two weeks of the workshop. No questions asked.

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#1 serverless course, taught by a world-class instructor so you get the best serverless learning experience possible.

Study in a group and enjoy the open discussions. Learn from your peers and expand your professional network.
New lectures and hands-on exercises are released every Monday. You can complete them at your own pace.
Two tracks
All exercises are available in both CDK and Serverless Framework, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.
Support via Slack
Get help from the instructor and other students when you are stuck.
Live Q&A
Two live Q&A sessions with the instructor each week.
Happiness guarantee
If you don't like it, get your money back. No questions asked.
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Production-Ready Serverless (May 2024, single payment)

0 ratings